Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fundraiser for Katie at ENI

This shirt & shoes combo are just one of MANY items that have been donated in the fundraiser for Katie at Ewe Need It!

Please follow the link over there, bid, & support a wonderful WAHM & her beautiful family!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girly Shoes

Leather & angora peace shoes for Angel Sunday - has a matching shirt - its still drying.. :)
Shoes for Mamamermaid. Purple angora (so soft) wool w/ pink fleece lining.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dyed Wool Yarn

Turquoise, Orange, Brown, & Cream Colorway..

Fish Shoes

Fishy shoes for Miabean.. :)

Shoes & Shirt...

Shirt for Megtrib :)

RuebenChristopher - purple+angora flowered shoes & yummy gray & brown soft soled shoes!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fleece longies/skirty combo

This is for a super sweet Canadian Mama! Shipping 9/16..

Blue Wool Truck Shoes

Blue Wool Truck shoes w/ blue fleece lining for MikeandTiff

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have a long list of customs this week. I am getting to them one by one.. Or more like 4 by 4.. I have stacks of shoes cut out & some shirts to match. The weather was not cooperating in letting me hang the wool out to air so today it is on the line.. (What has not been cut). I also have a quilt in the works for this week so I am anxious to get to everything! If your name is not on the list & it should be please email me! :)

I have also been cleaning out clothes & shoes that no longer fit to make room in a closet for my fabric!! YAY!! I also want to get going on the glass jewelry orders. Testing will open for those later in the week. Probably around Thursday.

Pics to come soon!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Orange Tie-dye Peace Shirt

Custom for Melodyjstray - will ship 9/12/09

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gothic Skull Shoes

SO in the spirit of Halloween & skulls in general I made these little shoes! I can custom make them to the size you need. You can order at etsy or thru my email. They are $20 - I pay shipping...
I love the fabric - the eyes of the skulls are red glitter but still very gn!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recent Customs & More

If you know me you know I love love love dolls. Did I mention I love dolls? The great thing about this new pattern is this doll is so very simple. It weighs about 2 lbs (there is an inner pocket sewn in the the body & filled with rice, sand, or millet). I like the idea of no face so that the child can use their imagination just a little more than the surprised! or dumbstruck! look so many dolls of today have, of course I can embroider a face on if that makes you happy). Hair is optional.. Liam hauls his aorund like there is no tomorrow.. The cool thing is that this baby snuggles up to your little one because of its filling. Simplicity. Thats what our toys are all about!
This is a not quite finished monster shirt. You know I love monsters - but my monsters are from Texas so they all wear boots.. Please be aware a finished monster shirt never leaves my home without his/her boots.. I just had a few people ask - Jenny why don't you make monster shirts without boots.... Ummm.. hello!!! I wanted you to see for yourself.. monsters look naked w/o their boots on!!

Peace shirt for balinsmama

Peace shirt to list on etsy. Love the army green tie-dye - kind of reminds me of camo. I think the polka dots are pretty gn - Liam would totally rock this shirt - if it were bigger..

This shirt was a remake of a pirate themed outfit I made a while back. Matey Monster is still one of my faves!!

Yarn for a Hudson Hat

I only dream of being able to knit.. I am so very lucky to have found some wonderfully talented women that do the knitting for me.. ahem.. I mean for Liam... :) And while I may fall (very) short in the knitting abilities category I do LOVE to dye yarn!
Here are the finished scraps for a Hudson Hat "Elf" is making for - ME!!! I never ever have something knit up for me & since my b-day is coming up I thought - hey - its 100 degrees out everyday - I know what I need - a wool hat!!

At any rate, I can't wait! If you need yarn & are looking for a specific colorway or color combo lmk! We have a wonderful LYS & I have some great online shops that supply beautiful yarns & I would love to be your dyer! :)

A Bag for Nana

At the last minute I decided to create a quick bag for my Mom (Nana) on her birthday! Of course, I wanted it to be a makeup bag but after I started cutting into the fabric I quickly realized it was too big to be a bag for makeup.. Unless you carry a lot of makeup.. and Nana does not..

Anyways, I like the way it turned out. The fabric seemed to work well together & I loved making the ruffles!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Here are some not so little shoes for the cute little boy belonging to MrsAllary. They are dark brown but the pic was taken inside so the lighting was not so hot.. It was however, HOT outside.. Which is why the pic was taken inside.. lol