Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recent Customs & More

If you know me you know I love love love dolls. Did I mention I love dolls? The great thing about this new pattern is this doll is so very simple. It weighs about 2 lbs (there is an inner pocket sewn in the the body & filled with rice, sand, or millet). I like the idea of no face so that the child can use their imagination just a little more than the surprised! or dumbstruck! look so many dolls of today have, of course I can embroider a face on if that makes you happy). Hair is optional.. Liam hauls his aorund like there is no tomorrow.. The cool thing is that this baby snuggles up to your little one because of its filling. Simplicity. Thats what our toys are all about!
This is a not quite finished monster shirt. You know I love monsters - but my monsters are from Texas so they all wear boots.. Please be aware a finished monster shirt never leaves my home without his/her boots.. I just had a few people ask - Jenny why don't you make monster shirts without boots.... Ummm.. hello!!! I wanted you to see for yourself.. monsters look naked w/o their boots on!!

Peace shirt for balinsmama

Peace shirt to list on etsy. Love the army green tie-dye - kind of reminds me of camo. I think the polka dots are pretty gn - Liam would totally rock this shirt - if it were bigger..

This shirt was a remake of a pirate themed outfit I made a while back. Matey Monster is still one of my faves!!

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