Friday, December 18, 2009

Catch up!

So I promise I am still around. lol I have not been keeping up with this blog because I have been posting over in facebook. Here are some customs I have done since the last posting!


  1. I'm a fan on facebook, and I love the rainbow shoes! I love all things with rainbows actually, and I've been wanting to try an OBV blanket. Thanks for the giveaway! My email addy is ndsomeday @

  2. I'm a fb fan YAY!!!
    My fovorite item it the..
    Deep Blue OBV Organic Velour Dress
    I Absolutely love it!!
    Rebecca O'Brien

  3. I'm a fan on FB
    I love the leather shoes with the flowers in pink

  4. I'm a FB fan!
    My fav item (have lots actually) is the OBV shoes with the hearts and bows. Too cute!!!
    Jennifer V

  5. I'm a FB fan!
    My favorite items are the OBV shoes and wipes...which I will be ordering soon for the new babe!! :-D Amazing talent!!!

    Julie Lusk