Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Snow Flower Shoes

These were for a custom but turned out a little smaller than what I was aiming for.. (its all in the testing process my friends).. At any rate, I am offering them for $14. The price includes shipping.

I will put them in my etsy store at the end of the week if there are no takers here!! :) If you want me to add some color to the middle of the flowers just lmk - I can do that for no additonal charge, right now they are solid white!


They are made from a 100% Ralph Lauren black wool, ribbed sweater. The interior is lined in black fleece. The white flowers are scattered throughout the shoe. They measure a tiny smidgen over 5".

I will be adding a customs list to this blog so that you can check in & see where you are on the list! I am pretty full right now and I am on hold because I am waiting on new labels to get here. (It should be tomorrow or Thursday).. I am also trying to savor the last 2 weeks of summer vacation before all 3 kids go back - to 3 different schools - just e-mail me if you want on the list or have a question!


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